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Delizie Pugliesi

As an offshoot of the farm di Micco, producer of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil DOP, was born in the old town of Trani the store of typical Apulian specialties, a place where are catalyzed the best products of our region, selected with care and experience from a company that for over 20 years is looking for quality and genuinity in their production.


Select the best firm characterized by high quality and passion for genuinity, offering to our customers the excellence of our land.


PDO extra virgin olive oil, flavored oils, biodynamic wine and DOC, oil, pate, organic honey, organic artisan pasta, cakes, handmade local ceramics.

Delizie Pugliesi
Via Mario Pagano, 174 - 76125 Trani (BT)
VAT: 07082120721
Tel./Fax: 0883.887599

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